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Devender Goud.T
yoursevak February 16, 2018

Devender Goud.T


Shri T.DevenderGoud

Member Of Parliament(RAJYA SABHA)

  • Date of Birth: 18 March 1953
  • Birth Place:Tukkuguda,Ranga Reddy District
  • Education:B.Com. Educated at Badruka College of Commerce in Hyderabad
  • Spouse:Smt.T. Vinoda
  • Father’s Name:Shri T. SayannaGoud
  • Mother’s Name:Smt. T. Sathemma
  • Party:Telugu Desam Party
  • Childrens:Three sons
  • Elected from:Andhra Pradesh

1988-93 Chairman of ZillaParishad,Ranga Reddy, Andhra Pradesh
1994-99 & 1999-2003 & 2003-2008 Member of Andhra Pradesh state Legislaive Assembly
1994-1995 Minister for Backward Classes Welfare, Prohibition and Excise, Cooperation, Government of Andhra Pradesh
1995-1999 Minister for Revenue and Rehabilitation, Government of Andhra Pradesh
1999-2004 Minister for Home and Cinematography, Government of Andhra Pradesh
2004-2008 Deputy Leader of Telugu Desam Party, Andhra Pradesh state Legislative Assembly
April 2012 Elected to Rajya Sabha
May 2012 – May 2014 Member of Committee on Defence & Member of Committee on Welfare of Other
Backward Classes
May 2012 onward Member of General Purposes Committee
Aug. 2012 – May 2014 Member of Parliamentary Forum on Water Conservation and Management
Sept. 2014 onwards Nominated to the Panel of Vice-Chairmen of Rajya Sabha
Oct. 2014 onwards Member of Committee on Railways Member of Committee on Rules
March 2015 Member of Committee on Ethics Member of Select Committee of Rajya Sabha on the Coal Mines

03/04/2012 – 02/04/2018

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