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Nitish Kumar
yoursevak February 6, 2018

Bihar Chief Minister


Shri Nitish Kumar

The Hon’ble Chief Minister

  • Date of Birth: 01 March 1951
  • Birth Place: Bakhtiarpur in Patna
  • Political Party: Janata Dal (United)
  • Father’s Name: Kaviraj Ram Lakhan Singh
  • Mother’s Name: Parmeshwari Devi
  • Spouse Name: Late Smt. Manju Kumari Sinha.
  • Children: One
  • Education:B.Sc. (Engineering)
  • Qualifications: Educated at Bihar College of Engineering, Patna,Bihar
  • Profession: Political & Social Worker, Agriculturist, Engineer

Nitish Kumar was born on 1 March 1951 in Bakhtiyarpur,Patna in state of Bihar.He is a senior Indian politician.He is the present Chief Minister of Bihar state.He has held this position from 2005 to 2014, until he resigned.He is a member of Janata Dal (United) Party and also served as Union Minister of India.He has successfully appointed more than one lakh school teachers during his tenure as Chief Minister of Bihar.He has held different important positions in the state as well as in the Parliament. Economic times awarded him the title of the ‘Business reformer of the year’ in 2009 and Forbes India awarded him the ‘India person of the year’ title in 2010.

1985-89 : Member of Bihar Legislative Assembly
1986-87: Member of Committee on Petitions and the Bihar Legislative Assembly
1987-88: President of Yuva Lok Dal, Bihar
1987-89: Member of Committee on Public Undertakings, Bihar Legislative Assembly
1989: Secretary-General of Janata Dal, Bihar
1989: Elected to 9th Lok Sabha
1989 to 16/7/1990: Member, House Committee (Resigned)
Apr 1990 to Nov 1990: Union Minister of State, Agriculture and Co-operation
1991: Re-elected to 10th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
1991-93: General-Secretary, Janata Dal Deputy Leader of Janata Dal in Parliament
17/12/91 to 10/5/96: Member, Railway Convention Committee
8/4/93 to 10/5/96:Chairman, Committee on Agriculture
1996: Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (3rd term) and Member of Committee on Estimates.Member of General Purposes Committee and Member of Joint Committee on the Constitution (Eighty-first Amendment Bill of 1996)
1996-98: Member of Committee on Defence
1998: Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (4th term)
19/3/98 to 5/8/99: Union Cabinet Minister of Railways
14/4/98 to 5/8/99: Union Cabinet Minister of Surface Transport (additional charge)
1999: Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (5th term)
13/10/99 to 22/11/99: Union Cabinet Minister of Surface Transport
22/11/99 to 3/3/00: Union Cabinet Minister of Agriculture
3/3/00 to 10/3/00: Chief Minister of Bihar
27/5/00 to 20/3/01: Union Cabinet Minister of Agriculture
20/3/01 to 21/7/01: Union Cabinet Minister of Agriculture with additional charge of Railways
22/7/01 to 21/5/04: Union Cabinet Minister of Railways
2004: Re-elected to 14th Lok Sabha (6th term)
Member of Committee on Coal & Steel
Member of General Purposes Committee
Member of Committee of Privileges
Leader Janata Dal (U) Parliamentary Party of Lok Sabha.
24/11/2005 to 24/11/2010: Chief Minister of Bihar
26/11/2010 to 17/05/2014: Chief Minister of Bihar
From 22/02/2015: Chief Minister of Bihar